A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blogpost about how I photographed my evening walks during the Corona lockdown.

At that time I wasn’t sure what I would do with the images. All my attention was focussed on making a book about my aviation photography.

Since I wanted to test the printservice and the paper for that book, I decided to make a zine with these ‘lockdown’ images.

The result is a zine with 20 images made between March and May 2020 during the Corona lockdown in Belgium. All photos are combined with a headline of that day. It’s an attempt to show the contrast between the reality of this situation and how I experienced it.


Cancelled is a 6×9 (15x23cm) softcover book, printed on white uncoated paper. The book is printed by Blurb Inc, delivery is handled by the same company through UPS.

The price is set on €15 (shipping excluded) and can be ordered directly through Blurb through the link above.

For further questions you can contact me directly via the contact page on this site. For questions regarding your order or delivery you can contact the Blurb support by clicking here. Feel free to contact me as well.



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