A couple of weeks ago I had an unexpected last minute shoot with a friends Bentley Continental GT3-R. I was very lucky to have a camera with me and a spare battery (Fujifilm batteries do not tend to last very long).


I had the 18-135 and the 35mm with me and ended up using both during the shoot. The 35mm was limiting the possibilities for several photos, but the aperture of 1.4 added something that I can’t achieve with the 18-135. I used both lenses on my X-T2.


The day before we had already made a couple of shots with the Continental and a vintage Bentley. But the location didn’t work out. Choosing a new location was easy as we had already done a shoot at the same spot a few years ago. It’s an underground parking lot where you have light coming in from above. It’s ideal to accentuate the lines of the car and the concrete matches the modern lines of the car.

We ended up shooting for about an hour and a half since the location offers many different views.


I decided to go for a black and white edit on these photos for several reasons.

First of all the car is black and looks like the Batmobile so I thought that a black and white edit with harsh contrasts would work pretty well on this series.

Secondly the car gave a ton of reflections and most of them were quite colorful. By editing in black and white the reflections on the car became less obvious which saved me a lot of retouching.

And finally because the location works perfectly with this dark style.

All photos were edited with the two black and white presets from my 2020 preset pack.

List of gear I use for automotive photography.

Thoughts, comments, questions? Let me know in the comment section below.

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  1. I have a black one also how can I get your pictures I buy them from you . E mail me thanks ron.

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