I've been taking pictures with a Polaroid Impulse camera since about two years. A couple of months ago I borrowed an SX-70 camera from my brother and head out to New York for a short trip. It was a great opportunity to test this famous instant camera. The SX-70 is remarkably compact in comparison with… Continue reading SX-70 POLAROID CAMERA


When I went to New York I expected to take a bunch of photos on Halloween and even though I knew I wouldn't be at the parade I still had an image in my head of what it could be. For halloween evening we had planned to go to a pumpkin festival about an hour… Continue reading HALLOWEEN IN NYC

NEW YORK 2015 VS. 2019

This October I had the luck to visit New York for the second time. Visiting New York is always a treat, visiting on Halloween is even cooler. Besides this I was very happy to be able to explore the city again and take the pictures I felt I couldn't take last time I was there.… Continue reading NEW YORK 2015 VS. 2019


A couple of years ago I had the luck to strap myself into a helicopter somewhere in New Jersey. Taking off in complete darkness, I was sitting with my feet on the skids. Soon we were flying over the Statue of Liberty and World Trade One towards Times Square. It was 31 of december, it… Continue reading A GUIDE TO AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHY