2019 has been quite the year and with 2020 just a few days away I found it appropriate to share my favourite photos from the last 12 months. I feel my photography has grown a lot this year and I feel more confident in photographing my travels. I think most of my pictures are no… Continue reading MY FAVOURITE PHOTOS OF 2019


When I went to New York I expected to take a bunch of photos on Halloween and even though I knew I wouldn't be at the parade I still had an image in my head of what it could be. For halloween evening we had planned to go to a pumpkin festival about an hour… Continue reading HALLOWEEN IN NYC

NEW YORK 2015 VS. 2019

This October I had the luck to visit New York for the second time. Visiting New York is always a treat, visiting on Halloween is even cooler. Besides this I was very happy to be able to explore the city again and take the pictures I felt I couldn't take last time I was there.… Continue reading NEW YORK 2015 VS. 2019


I used to shoot more aviation on the ground than in the air, but the past years the ground-air ratio slowly moved towards the air. Nowadays, when it comes to shooting aviation, I mostly shoot air to air pictures. And no matter how much fun it is to do these flights, I was very happy… Continue reading STORYTELLING IN AVIATION PHOTOGRAPHY